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Dec 30, 2012 7:00am EST
reactor and set back the program. he had a fairly substantial wmd arsenal much like assad has today. the task during the first gulf war was to dismantle the arsenal. pardon would lead to the debate in the second war was the part of four lead the debate -- part of the debate in the second war was that they were not satisfied the weapons he had were fully eradicate it. it is hard to prove a negative. we now know by the time the 2003 invasion occurred, the once a substantial arsenal had deteriorated into nothing or had been removed. that was not understood at the time. for years, there were not u.n. inspections in iraq. host: how many times did you go to iraq? guest: i am not sure i can remember exactly. i covered the first war and also wrote a book about it. i was there for the invasion in 2003. i got to back data on april 12. it fell -- i got to balance data on april 12. it fell on april 7. in a funny way, it has never been as safe as it was in the first few weeks. the population was stunned. the insurgency had not gotten its act together. i stayed through the initial summer. i wrote a bo
Dec 25, 2012 7:00am EST
bashar assad in syria. finally he gave up on him and said he is a monster. it is not for me to say whether he is good or bad. i don't think he is going to have any problems getting confirmed although i have heard from veteran groups that are more conservative, that they had issues with him because of some of his statements during that period and during the iraq war when you saw kerry and other democrats say that u.s. marines had committed massacres which later turned out they did not. host: here is tennessee on our independent line. nick, good morning. caller: yes, i bring your attention to fast and furious and benghazi. you political people are nothing but hacks. a friend told me that what makes up the lie of the mainstream omit and what they moit not submit. i went to the vietnam war. his name is not on that wall. it was not a long time ago. it affects every veteran. you sit there and talk for those people. you're nothing but a propaganda -- guest: i am the guy who broke a lot of the benghazi stories. many outlets have talked about my stories. i consider it to be a very important
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2